Sr Database Engineer

   DE & E
    Open position(s): 3

+ - Key Responsibility Areas

  • Liaison with Lead and contribute to product features as member of the product development team consisting of DB, Java, & UI engineers
  • Contribute to patterns and practices used by Database Team
  • Analyze and optimize DB code for performance improvements
  • Provide production support and troubleshooting of system or customer issues
  • Debug and fix problems

+ - Must Have

  • 4-11 years in the “Microsoft SQL Server” development role (Recursive CTEs, Query performance Optimization)
  • 1+ years Microsoft SSIS Experience
  • Good understanding of RDBMS concepts (Indexing, Locks)
  • Strong Transact-SQL skills to support application development
  • One on one support for development and test engineers (DB server activities like backup, restore, SQL Agent)
  • Experience with Agile processes
  • Excellent written and spoken communication/interpersonal skills

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