Web and Media


We have re-engineered complete sections of portals for prestigious media websites viewed by millions of users every day. Our enterprise-class presentation framework, based on MVC technology:

This self-provisioning solution framework, in partnership with a leading payments service provider, enables end users to set up and launch applications in a cloud computing environment with no direct intervention required by the service provider.

Our experience helps us provide our clients with an integrated solutions portfolio and helps B2B and B2C information providers transform their content value chain, based on client requirements and unique needs.

Our services include product development, where our domain-focused product managers and business analysts work in tandem with our clients' SMEs to build the roadmap for product releases, betas, and demos to end clients, and provide inputs for development and validation of releases to the clients. Our solutions delivery team is carefully handpicked for each of our client development centers for quick adaptation to client-driven methodologies, or for use of a tailored Agile methodology, to ensure consistent quality releases of product revisions.


  • Provides news, information and interaction through its own web site, NYTimes.com, as well as affiliate partners
  • The company is based in New York. New York Times Digital is a subsidiary of New York Times Company
  • Second most visited newspaper site in the world, and receives more than 33 million unique visitors each month
  • Offers digital access to daily newspaper with All the News That's Fit to Print

Indecomm performed user experience and usability improvements that resulted in:

  • Increased page performance
  • Increased user interaction and satisfaction
  • Framework maturity
  • Reduced page wait time


TwinSpires provides a platform to facilitate horse race wagering and handicapping. This is a fresh, bottom-up approach to account wagering that combines the latest online technology with the best racing content, backed by the integrity and tradition of Churchill Downs, home of the world-famous Kentucky Derby. The client is a pioneer in Online Wagering, helping bettors to wager for races on popular racetracks within USA and the rest of the world.

  • Responsible for the overall migration, design, development, implementation, testing, production, and deployment of the handicapping and pedigree information system
  • Migrated the historical data—from VMS system and SQL server—by creating the necessary frameworks onto the open-source system based on LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL& PHP) and Java
  • Design and developing the ETL processes, using open-source tools such as Pentaho's Kettle (MySQL)
  • Implemented all statistical algorithms used in providing predictable data for facilitating wagering within the migrated system (MySQL)
  • Created reporting modules using BIRT/iText reporting framework; published them on portal for client purchases (PHP, Java)
  • Provided UI for the research department to upload manual data as well as to correct erroneous data (either complete or partial) for further processing (PHP)
  • Integrated "bought in" competing portal's handicapping functionality and turf day related stats to the existing portal, eliminating any confusion among the clients of both the portals (PHP)


Agile, Waterfall