Tax Services

Tax research and reporting

We perform tax research and reporting services for over 2800 counties in the United States. The information is obtained online, or by calling the counties. Some counties expect the requests by mail, and provide information for a fee. We handle these as well by sending mail-away requests along with checks favoring the county/city office and availing the tax information through mail or faxes.

We obtain the tax information by using the most reliable and cost-effective source for you, and prepare a customizable tax report, using our home-grown system, Taxplorer™, or capture the entire tax information into your system, according to your requirements.

We obtain taxes from all tax authorities as appropriate and relevant to the particular county, and this includes county, city, municipality, etc. Our tax report will contain complete information of the real estate taxes for the subject property, including tax status, due dates, good through dates, and delinquency information.

We will be able to customize our tax reports as per your requirement. Turn times vary from 8-24 hours (for online searches), and 24 to 72 hours for searches where information is obtained by calling the counties. In the case of Mail-Away requests, our turn times range from 10 to 14 business days.