Report Preparation

Title Search Report/Prelim Report

We offer this service as a stand-alone service, where the clients perform the search and examination in-house. We receive a search package containing the tax information, assessment information, and other relevant documents which are affecting the subject property, along with a write-up as input.

We review all the documents and prepare a preliminary report updating the Schedule A, Schedule B Exceptions and Requirements. The turn time varies from 4 hours to overnight.

Deed Preparation

We offer deed preparation services to many of our clients. Two of the most used types of deeds are the quit-claim deed and the general warranty deed. The quit-claim deed is used to convey title to real estate without giving the buyer any warranties. The general warranty deed provides the buyer with several warranties. For example, the seller has clear title to the property. We check and capture the information below to prepare the deeds:

We offer this service with an overnight turn time.