Pre-funding Audits

Pre-Funding Auditing Made Easy for the Mortgage Industry

Indecomm Global Services, Inc., in an effort to provide lenders with additional assurance that their loans will be accepted by FNMA, FHLMC, VA, and FHA, provides a high-quality service based on a complete review of underwritten loan files prior to closing and/or prior to funding by the various agencies. Our experienced staff of underwriters will provide FHA Mentoring, pre-closing underwriting, and post-closing underwriting to meet the needs of any mortgage lender. It is our mission to use our mortgage industry expertise to assist companies in building quality, client-oriented organizations that are profitable, efficient, fully in compliance, and primed to excel.

Our FHA Mentoring Program provides assistance to lenders attempting to obtain final approval from the Department of Housing and Urban Development for submission of FHA insured loans. We will assist the lender in conducting the preliminary contact with FHA to establish the requirements to be met, assist the lender in meeting the requirements established by FHA, and assist in the conclusion of the transaction. As loans are submitted to our experienced staff of Direct Endorsement Underwriters, we provide feedback to the lender on what steps are needed to guarantee each loan receives a Mortgage Insurance Certificate from FHA upon submission of the final product.

Some of our clients prefer to utilize the services of our underwriters to review files that are pre-closing and our equivalent services in post-closing. We can assist lenders in determining their own strengths and weaknesses during the underwriting process.

Our pre-funding audit services are delivered through Kaizen®, Indecomm's proprietary web-based risk management technology platform. The system identifies loan level deficiencies and patterns of defects by responsible parties. Kaizen® goes beyond finding and fixing errors to identify the root causes. When Kaizen® is used for other audit workflows such as compliance and post-closing quality-control in addition to pre-funding audits you will get a holistic view of your institution's overall risk. With the system's robust reporting module, which includes dashboards and executive summaries, you can correct your issues before they become systemic.

We have advised over 600 companies and reviewed hundreds of mortgage operations of all sizes. Our clients include large banks, community lenders, mortgage companies, major investors, Wall Street firms, warehouse lenders, and government entities. Indecomm Global Services, Inc. can assist your company in strengthening your underwriting skills and reducing your default rate. In this competitive industry, it is even more prudent for mortgage lenders to have an added edge.

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