Post-Closing Audits

Post-Closing Audits for Today's Mortgage Industry

In today's market, lenders and their investors face enormous quality concerns and hurdles. At Indecomm Global Services, Inc, we realize the challenges our clients can encounter when it comes to remaining in compliance with not only state and federal guidelines, but also those of their investors. As guidelines change and reviews become complex, many lenders find themselves struggling to keep it all straight, not to mention the additional time and resources needed to continually train staff. We provide quality and comprehensive Post Closing File Reviews that give lenders the peace of mind they need by ensuring all of the intricacies involved in the back end process are covered.

Our Post Closing File Reviews can be tailored for your FHA, VA, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac loans, as well as to any other specific lender investor requirements. From closing instruction reviews to fee reconciliations to HMDA data validation, we take loan analysis to the next level, ensuring your loans meet all necessary quality standards. Our services also include identifying deficiencies which are investor specific so you can rest assured that your loans will not be unnecessarily rejected for purchase. We are fully equipped to handle all components of your Post Closing File Reviews, with the ability to customize a solution that fits your organizational need.

Our post-closing file review services are delivered through Kaizen®, Indecomm's proprietary web-based risk management technology platform. The solution allows for customized checklists and workflows based on your requirements and your investors' requirements. Kaizen®'s integrated communication and reporting module enables automated feedback and responses which are critical for fixing errors to ensure timely and accurate loan delivery and/or servicing set-up. Our solution goes beyond finding and fixing errors to identify the root causes. With the system's robust reporting module, which includes dashboards and executive summaries, you can correct your issues before they become systemic.

Staying ahead of the curve when it comes to changes that impact your business is critical to growth and success. That's why our expert staff is given detailed and updated training based not only on the most recent program updates, but also on best practices we observe within the marketplace. This continuous training, coupled with unparalleled process management, is what sets Indecomm Global Services, Inc. apart from the competition.

Our clients include large banks, community lenders, major mortgage companies, and investors alike. Are your Post Closing File Reviews hitting the target? Indecomm Global Services, Inc. can provide you with effective end-to-end reviews that are relevant in today's ever-changing mortgage industry. Ask us how we can help support this process for your company today.

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