Post-Closing HUB

Post-Closing Hub

We provide a comprehensive post-closing solution to settlement agents and vendor managers. We leverage our DynamicDocs HUB (DDH) platform to perform the post-closing audit service. DDH is a web-based document, audit, and exception management solution. This platform is used by our internal teams in St. Paul and Bangalore and by our clients. DDH provides our clients a real-time view of this time-sensitive process and provides for interactions between our team and our client's operations team to resolve exceptions that we may identify in the documents and clear the loan for funding.

The notary has instructions to send us the closing documents directly from the closing table. Upon receipt, we image the documents and make them available within our DDH. We perform an extensive audit on these documents as per the pre-defined check-list and raise exceptions, if any, within DDH. The client has the ability to address these exceptions online, and the loan is subsequently cleared to fund. After the loan is funded, we perform our comprehensive recording service. Once the mortgage is successfully recorded, we produce the policy, print it, and have the recorded mortgage and document shipped to the client or the custodian.

Staying ahead of the curve when it comes to changes that impact your business is critical to growth and success. That's why our expert staff is given detailed and updated training based not only on the most recent program updates, but also on best practices we observe within the marketplace. This continuous training, coupled with unparalleled process management, is what sets Indecomm Global Services, Inc. apart from the competition.

The key benefits that our client experiences by outsourcing the post-closing function to us are: