Policies and Production

We have a high level of expertise in issuing the final title policies for owners and lenders. We have supported several Title Companies in clearing their backlogs, and improved our clients' TAT for issuing policies from months to 48 hours within closing. We have a unique turn-key model for this service, where, once the closing is done, we take over handling the closing documents, recording them, typing the policy, printing it, and delivering it to your end clients.

Over the years, we have prepared several hundred thousands of policies for Resale Loan, Refinance, and Cash-Deal products. We have experience in issuing Long Form and Short form policies, using ALTA and CLTA forms.

Using our Offshore-Onshore delivery model, we can handle the process end-to end from recording the documents, issuing the final policies, printing them, and mailing them to the end client. We can also attach the recorded documents along with the policies for mail-out per your requirement. We have the capability to digitally deliver the title policies for paperless solutions.