Organizations are faced with the challenge of developing scalable business operations, which are cost efficient, have a variable cost structure, and are able to handle the ups and downs of a highly volatile business environment. They face tremendous pressure to keep their operating costs down, while constantly improving the levels of service that they provide to their customers. They are also faced with the challenges of a changing regulatory environment, where new regulations and guidelines are making compliance and process controls the order of the day. In the midst of this rapidly evolving and highly demanding business environment, organizations are seeking to find the right partner to outsource various aspects of their business, while still retaining control over their customer experience and core aspects of the business.

At Indecomm, we partner with several global organizations to provide a unique blend of outsourcing solutions. We adopt a consultative engagement model, and identify areas of our clientsí business that we can improve by application of our technology-driven outsourcing model. We have made, and continue to make, significant investments in developing innovative technology platforms that we leverage extensively to deliver our outsourcing solutions. We can work exclusively on our clientsí systems or on our platforms to deliver the outsourcing solution, or employ a hybrid model. We recognize that every clientís needs are different, and are completely open to customizing our outsourcing solutions.

Some of the key facets of our outsourcing solutions are:

  • Deep domain expertise in our chosen vertical markets like the US mortgage industry and retail banking allows us to develop relevant outsourcing solutions that have a high business impact for our clients.
  • Most of our outsourcing solutions are provided on a completely variable cost basis, with little or no upfront setup fees. We price our services on a per transaction or per unit basis.
  • We have developed a truly global delivery model wherein we can perform the outsourced service exclusively in one of our three US operations centers or completely out of our operations locations in India, or deploy a hybrid model. We spare our clients from having to deal with the details of any of these implementation models by keeping them completely transparent.
  • We donít rely only on the labor arbitrage advantage, but focus on lowering operating costs through automation and productivity improvement and through the usage of our wide range of technology platforms.

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