Order Entry

Order Entry

We provide order entry services to our clients with great speed and accuracy, with TATs ranging from 15 minutes to 4 hours.

We receive the sales contract or an order sheet (usually a written document) that contains basic property information such as property address ,owner and buyer details, agent names, lender details, etc. We capture these details onto a pre-defined template to initiate the order, and do an order entry in the client application with all the relevant information. We also enter the key code and payment type (cash, credit, or credit card) details into the system.

Buyer/Seller/Agent Letters

As part of the pre-closing process, we send out buyer and seller letters to the respective parties, requesting them to provide their details and certain additional information on the property, which is required during closing. The letters also carry information to the buyers/sellers as to what is expected in the closing process. We send letters to the agents, seeking additional information for the closing. This helps in having a smooth closing process.

Using our global service delivery model, we prepare these letters and print and dispatch them to the mailing address provided. Based on the replies from each party, we provide an update to our clients and also update the client system with the party's response notes. We offer this service with a 24-hour turn time.

Insured Closing Letters

Many lenders, as a condition to funding a loan to an agent or approved attorney, require agreements called "closing protection letters" or "insured closing agreements," whereby the Company agrees to protect the lender against specific losses in the event an approved closing attorney or agent fails to carry out the lender's written closing instructions, or embezzles the money.

Once a Title Commitment is prepared, we generate these insured closing letters and dispatch them to proposed insured lenders and owners who request them. We offer this service with a 24-hour turn time.