Mergers & Acquisition Support

In the mortgage banking industry, mergers and acquisitions can be a large part of how we expand our businesses. As an industry, not only do we acquire and merge with other mortgage companies and banks, but we also purchase mortgage portfolios, servicing rights, and loan production and loan servicing platforms.

In any sale, there will be an offering, where the purchaser must determine whether the offer is worth the price, whether the transaction meets its strategy for the growth of the organization, and perform due diligence to ascertain that the portfolio characteristics are as stated in the offering, and what the inherent risks are in the operation and/or portfolio.

Indecomm has been helping our clients with mergers and acquisitions since 1989. There are financial risks, transactional risks and operational risks in every acquisition transaction. Our goal is to help you identify those risks, so that you can take the appropriate actions to mitigate them to the fullest extent possible. Our services include the following:

  • Acquisition planning and implementation
  • Operational reviews of companies or divisions for purchasers and sellers
  • Corporate, loan production, loan servicing, and investor accounting due diligence reviews
  • Bid/contract advice
  • Valuations
  • Business plans
  • Obtaining investor approvals
  • Bid/contract advice
  • Asset transfer planning and execution support
  • Integration planning and implementation
  • Problem portfolio clean-up and sales support
  • Servicing transfer project management
  • Data mapping
  • Portfolio and investor conversion balancing and support

Clients who benefit from these services include mortgage bankers and financial institutions that are buying or selling organizations with mortgage banking platforms or portfolios.

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