Learning Design Consulting


We partner with our clients as Learning Consultants to offer our expertise in identifying whether a specific performance issue can be addressed by using an appropriate learning intervention. If the issue is best addressed through a learning intervention, we help our clients implement their learning initiatives to meet their business goals. Our learning design consulting services include:

Curriculum Design

Curriculum Design involves designing a learning plan to raise the level of specific knowledge and skills of the target group through a series of learning interventions. An effective curriculum reduces time-to-competency and the overall cost of training, allowing employees more time on-the-job, and less time in the classroom.

Through our curriculum design consulting services, we help you

  • Assess whether or not your training curriculum is aligned to your business goals
  • Redesign your curriculum to improve learning and to lower costs
  • Refresh your curriculum with the right blend of traditional and new learning methodologies

Communication and Training Strategies for Change Management

Change is a constant in every organization, whether it involves roll-out of a process, policy, system, tool, or amendments to an organization's structure or leadership.

Managing change is a complex process and involves challenges like:

  • Establishing the need for the change
  • Ensuring the adoption of the change
  • Tracking the change implementation to assess its effectiveness

Through consultative engagements, we design communication and training strategies to mitigate the challenges and ensure effective adoption of a change.