Kaizen® is Indecomm's proprietary web-based risk management technology. It is the key to controlling mortgage lending risks and meeting loan quality requirements, whether client or regulatory driven. Kaizen® provides a holistic view of risk in multiple production channels. It audits and tracks loans, producing flexible reports on pre-closing/funding, post-closing/pre-delivery, collateral review, due diligence, and regulatory compliance.

Kaizen® identifies loan level errors and patterns of defects, identifying the responsible parties and loan types. The solution takes as input checklists, workflow, and data from dashboard and report modules. The system categorizes the root causes of the defects it finds, enabling you to correct your process before the problem becomes systemic.

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With the wide-ranging capabilities of Kaizen®, clients get a state-of-the-art productivity and risk control tool. Kaizen® should be your choice as a risk management solution because it offers:

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"Initially, the industry was challenged to understand the new regulations, but now the task is to minimize their cost," said Rajan Nair, President, Financial Services Division, Indecomm Global Services. "Kaizen® provides the kind of efficiencies in risk management and detailed understanding of the rules that will ensure that our clients are in control of their bottom line in a new and complex environment."