Indecomm Advantage

Domain Expertise

Indecomm's deep domain expertise in the chosen verticals ensures that significant value is delivered to our clients.

Our mortgage services division consists of seasoned mortgage professionals who cover all areas of the mortgage industry. Our retail banking division is managed by a team that has acquired deep banking operations experience during their time with such globally reputed firms as Discover Cards, Standard Chartered Bank, and Citibank. This team has hands-on experience in all aspects of core banking and credit card operations.

Our domain expertise is a major reason why clients are comfortable with us handling their critical business processes. We do not need any training or handholding during the transition process. We eliminate the risk associated with migrating complex business processes to teams that lack the necessary knowledge of the domain and the industry. We combine this deep knowledge of the domain and industry with our innovative technology platforms to provide transformational outsourcing solutions to our clients. This is the major reason why many large global organizations have entrusted their business processes and technology development initiatives to us to manage on a turnkey basis.

Technology Platforms

Indecomm's technology platforms are an integral part of our delivery model and have changed the way our clients run their businesses. Clients are able to augment their service portfolio by using Indecomm's proprietary technology platforms, helping them to achieve scalability for the mortgage, technology, and learning lines of their business.

Track Record

Engagement Model

The delivery model is a key determinant of the success of an outsourcing initiative. Delivery models employed for client engagements have to be tailored to their specific needs to realize maximum benefits from an outsourcing initiative. At Indecomm, we assign the highest priority to ensuring seamless migration and delivery of client processes. Our innovative and hybrid "Onsite – Onshore – Offshore" model leverages the advantages of an onsite presence and onshore processing/delivery centers, and the benefits of scalable India-based operations.

We understand that clients have varying levels of appetite for outsourcing solutions and consequently need options to have a progressive adoption of the outsourced model. We have always been receptive to this important requirement of our clients, and it is reflected in our multi-faceted engagement model:


Indecomm is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company that employs comprehensive security frameworks, based on the ISO 27001:2005 standards, across the organization. All our facilities are ISO 27001:2005 certified. Apart from the rigorous security standards defined by ISO 27001:2005, we also subscribe to multiple data protection, information security standards and regulations, including SAS 70, Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, and GLBA. The different business processes and client engagements at Indecomm comply with SAS 70 certifications and Six Sigma methodologies. Our Quality Management System affords transparency across all client engagements. Our delivery platform provides clients with 24X7 access to engagement status through an extranet, ensuring increased client comfort. The platforms also have audit trails and automated quality assessment and drill downs for clients. Using drill downs, our clients can view the status of their process at the most detailed level. Further, as part of the quality assurance (QA) process, the internal QA team analyzes errors, groups them in relevant categories, and assigns them to the staff working on the process. We have established processes to generate and share MIS reports regularly with our clients.