Government Insuring

Taking the Guesswork Out of Government Insuring

At Indecomm Global Services, Inc, we understand the challenges that face many lenders throughout the mortgage industry when it comes to insuring their closed loan portfolios. With ever-changing guidelines and new quality initiatives, government loan programs continue to transform rapidly, leaving many lenders scrambling to keep up. Whether the transaction is a FHA, VA, or Rural Housing loan, our staff has the expertise to provide high-quality Government Insuring services for lenders of any size. We pride ourselves on offering flexible beginning-to-end solutions that can be customized to meet your organizational need and structure.

Our Government Insuring Services provide assistance to lenders attempting to insure FHA, VA, and Rural Housing loans with the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Department of Veteran's Affairs, and the USDA respectively. Whether it be stacking and auditing case binders or curing exceptions associated with those binders, we are fully equipped to handle the complex process of insuring, and provide lenders with the results they expect. Understanding that timely review and submission of loans for insuring is critical to eliminating risk to lenders and their investors, we are dedicated to protecting the interests of our clients to the fullest.

Recognizing key disconnects in documentation requirements is vital to performance as a government loan program lender. That's why, as part of our Government Insuring Services, we use Kaizen®, Indecomm's proprietary web-based risk management technology platform. Our solution identifies loan level errors and patterns of defects by responsible parties and loan programs. Kaizen®'s integrated communication and reporting module enables automated feedback and responses which are critical for fixing errors to ensure a timely and accurate government loan insuring process. Our solution goes beyond finding and fixing errors to identify the root causes. With the system's robust reporting module, which includes dashboards and executive summaries, you can correct your issues before they become systemic.

Our clients include large banks, community lenders, and major mortgage companies. In this ever-changing market, Indecomm Global Services, Inc. is the industry leader in taking the guesswork out of Government Insuring. Ask us how we can help support this process for your company today.

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