Financial Services


Indecomm partners with leading financial services firms and product companies, as well as banks, in the area of mortgage services, mutual fund administration, and recovery audit and supplier information management systems.

Our experience with complete loan life–cycle—origination, production, servicing—has enabled us to develop industry-leading COTS solutions for loan origination, titles production, document management, and more.

Our suite of COTS solutions, along with resources experienced in handling mortgage processes, both in the US and in India, helps our clients meet challenges in production scalability, regulatory compliance, and speed-of-delivery, while improving their bottom-line.

We are also experienced in retail/commercial banking applications and functions, such as core banking, check processing, e-banking, wealth management, securities trading, documentary credit, treasury management, risk management, and more.

Indecomm works with 10 of the top 15 financial services firms and banks, and is one of the largest service providers in the APAC region. We provide:

Our Network Operations Center teams focus on overseeing and managing the infrastructure for geographically diverse sites, including database administration, IT Security, and BMC event management, as well as monitoring production servers on different operating systems. We also provide global support for data centers supporting investment banking, private banking, and wealth management applications. Indecomm's managed services framework provides regularly updated information on collaborative sourcing, program governance, induction and orientation guide, and operations management on real-time dashboards.