Production Due Diligence

Production due diligence includes a wide range services for mortgage industry participants. The purpose of due diligence is to identify and mitigate various types of risk associated with originating mortgage transactions.

If you plan to acquire another lender, we can perform a due diligence assessment on the institution to be acquired. We review the overall operations and perform loan level reviews. If your company buys bulk loan packages, we can perform loan-level compliance and underwriting due diligence reviews to validate data integrity. This process determines which loans meet your companyís investment quality standards.

If your institution provides a line of credit secured by your customerís servicing rights, you need to ensure the quality of the loans being serviced to determine potential repurchase and indemnification risk. We can perform this type of due diligence analysis too.

Mortgage lenders, mortgage investors, and capital market investment firms use us to perform production due diligence to ensure mortgage operations are compliant and mortgage transactions are investment quality.

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