Content Authoring Platforms


We have been a pioneer in automating workflows and tool-based learning development to shorten development time, allow for standardization, and facilitate effective time usage of our clients' resources.

As a part of this quest, we have developed the following automated authoring platforms:

RapideL – Desktop and web-based collaborative authoring environment for Web-Based Training

RapideL provides Instructional Designers (IDs), Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), and Visual Designers (VDs) an authoring environment which allows them to convert their Microsoft Word storyboard into instructionally sound Flash courses at the click of a button, thus successfully addressing the common pain points by reducing time-to-market of courses by over 45%, reducing review cycles by the SME by 30%, and reducing development costs by a substantial 40-60%.

RapideL is the best fit solution for creating Web-based Training that needs to be updated regularly.

You can also visit:

WoW! Author - Microsoft Word-based authoring environment for Instructor-Led Training

Indecomm's "WoW! Author" is a Microsoft Word-based authoring tool for creating Instructor-led training that allows for:

  • Standardization of the structure and elements of the key components of an ILT:
    • Facilitator Guide (FG)
    • Participant Guide (PG)
    • Presentation Deck (PD)
  • Deployment of an automated workflow for the development of the key components of an ILT
  • Setting up a workflow that facilitates quick and easy updates of the three key components of an ILT

WoW! Author is created by using a macro-based authoring environment, set up in Microsoft Word 2007, compatible with Microsoft Word 2010. Its workflow is structured around the philosophy of Single Input, Multiple Outputs. A single Master Document is used to generate the key components of the ILT in .docx, .PDF, and .PPT formats. WoW! Author includes a toolbar with different buttons programmed with one or more macros which are used to author the Master Document and then generate the three key ILT components.