Cloud and SaaS


SaaS (Software as a Service) refers to a software deployment model where the application or the product and its associated data are centrally hosted, but accessed through a thin client or a web browser.


As the move from on-premise software to the cloud gathers steam, hybrid business models involving SaaS are becoming the norm.


Indecomm focuses on enterprise application deployment on the Amazon cloud as well as Windows Microsoft Azure. Our deployment models include On-Premise, On-Demand , as well as Pay-As-You-Go models. We have strong exposure to SaaS best practices, including multi-tenancy models with single instance of software deployment, automatic product updates, cloud computing, data protection, privacy, integration patterns, data analytics, etc. We work on all leading cloud platforms, including Amazon EC2, Google App Engine,, and Oracle. We also ensure that our clients' subscription and billing schemes are flexible and rules-driven.

Our experience includes working with the unique aspects of the SDLC for SaaS firms, including release engineering, security design and planning, up-time management, deployment management, auditing management, etc. We have also enabled SaaS for multinational software product companies.

In addition, we have significant experience with commercial (e.g., SalesForce and Chrome) and custom (e.g., Incendo) platforms as a service (PaaS), and have built numerous apps on such platforms (e.g., Google, Facebook, Ingenico, etc.), as well as with Cloud Enablement (e.g. AWS, Azure, etc.) for numerous clients, in development, test, and production environments. Our work in these areas includes the evaluation of various Cloud Managers (Cloudkick, Scalr, and RightScale), building an open source Cloud Manager (Nimbul), and building a cloud deployment tool (Cloudsource) based on Servermattic scripts.

Experience with other technologies in the Cloud stack include NGiNX (load balancing and proxying), Nagios and Munin (network monitoring), Emissary (messaging), Monit (process monitoring & communication), and more.