Case Studies and Client Testimonials

Case Studies

Client Testimonials

AHM is a leading global provider of technology and service solutions designed to manage compliant transfer of value interactions with healthcare professionals for the highly regulated Life Science industry. AHM continues to invest in providing leading technology and service solutions. One of the products of this ongoing investment and pursuit of service excellence has culminated in the launch of CentrisDirectTM on the Salesforce1 Platform. With the excitement of the launch and the rapid adoption in the market, we needed a partner who could help us in providing the implementation and onboarding services to our clients. My team and I selected Indecomm to play a critical role by helping us to ensure a positive customer experience through Indecomm’s work with the implementation, data integration and product support services for CentrisDirectTM.

AHM and Indecomm worked together to establish the AHM Extended Delivery Center (EDC) for AHM at Indecomm’s Bangalore Labs. We think of this location and team as being part of AHM – almost as if it’s an “AHM Bangalore”. Indecomm’s delivery and the EDC model allows the Bangalore team to function and work as an integrated part of our AHM team – aligned with our high quality delivery and customer success focus. This team has helped us to deliver on our commitments with our clients and win new business as we are able to better meet our clients’ objectives of rapid implementation of a high quality, configurable solution. The Indecomm EDC team plays a critical role in AHM’s success with our clients and in maintaining our leadership position in the industry.”

Karen Villarreal,
SVP, Product Delivery, AHM

Indecomm supports essential product development and operational areas critical to our business success. They are a reliable, responsive and proactive partner of Lavante helping us achieve key product and services milestones in a timely manner and at an effective cost.

Vinay Ambekar,
SVP, Engineering & SaaS Services, Lavante Inc.

After a long search for a nearshore partner we chose Indecomm Global’s Costa Rica facility. They were able to scale productive teams for core development, as well as onboarding and support. The teams have become integral to our development process and provide insight that goes beyond just programming services. We have also added a QA team and have been able to leverage Indecomm's strength in UI/UX to help redesign and rebuild our mobile applications. Further, Indecomm's expertise in agile engineering helped re-structure our delivery process. Their Agile Coach trained our team to deliver software continuously, improve communication within and between teams in our organization, and provide us improved visibility through metrics. We see the Costa Rica team being a large part of our growth strategy and we consider Indecomm as a strong ongoing development partner.

Sunil Padiyar, Chief Technology Officer, FacilitySource,
FacilitySource is a world leader in providing full facility management by offering companies with large dispersed real estate portfolios an innovative, high quality alternative to traditional facility management support solutions.

“Selecting Indecomm in 2011 as a key partner for offshoring was for a great decision for Ingenico. We were confident in their ability to understand our needs and to support our growth in software development. They have built a true Enterprise Partnership that continually adds value to our software development initiatives. We have been very impressed not only by the top notch talent they have hired in a short period of time, but also a mature process that has been put in place, excellent retention of staff, and a mature governance model. We are fully satisfied by the professionalism and executive commitment of Indecomm, and are looking forward to tackling new challenges together."

David Mousty,
Vice President Software & Technology, Ingenico

“The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine has overall been very impressed with Indecomm. Two areas in particular stand out and differentiate them from others: the quality of their engineers and software development talent, and their willingness and ability to partner with us. In projects of any size, but especially ones as large and complex as ours, issues will come up. Indecomm has been outstanding in how they work with us to address problems together to guarantee a successful project."

Gwen Pechan,
Director IT (Health Sciences), University of Pittsburgh

“Indecomm has enabled Accelrys to rapidly build a successful R&D and Services facility in Bangalore, allowing us to tap into the broad pool of talent available in India while avoiding the many risks and pitfalls of building a captive development center from scratch. The Accelrys India Development Center is fully integrated into our global product development organization, with product development teams at AIDC working in equal partnership with other teams in the US and UK. Indecomm's management of the facilities, people and recruitment is very professional, enabling Accelrys to focus on project delivery."

Anil Thakur,
Senior Vice President, Product Development , Accelrys

“Because of the leadership, innovation, collaboration, and discipline by Indecomm teams working with us, we are pushing the envelope of automation to make Blackboard products better. You have created a strong automation framework that continues to be robust, feature rich, and highly extensible. While it is a stable product and is critical to our collective success. Indecomm continues to push the capabilities of the product, working on new groundbreaking features that we value a lot. You should all be feeling good about automation and the work that Indecomm has done. I know I am. It is the vision realized – now we perfect it."

Steve Moffett,
VP Product Quality, Blackboard Learn

“Indecomm has been an excellent strategic product development partner to Confluence. Within the first year of our relationship, Confluence has been able to reduce our cost of software development by 20%, while also decreasing defect injections by 50%."

Skip Smith,
Chief Operating Officer, Confluence