Recording Hub


Indecomm has developed a number of technology platforms to support our mortgage recording solution. We are the largest independent mortgage recordings services company in the US and we manage the entire recording business with this suite of scalable and robust technology platforms. At the heart of the mortgage recording suite is our Recording Production System, which manages the entire workflow in our St. Paul operations, hosts the county specific rules, rates and guidelines, cuts checks, and manages the inbound and outbound shipment of documents to the counties. Next, we have our Interactive web site that provides up-to-the minute tracking of the status of each document. Our clients access this web site extensively for their entire mortgage recording status needs. We have an Online Fee Calculator that is a highly intuitive and interactive system that captures the county's recording fees associated with mortgage documents. The Error Management System is a highly interactive web-based system that we use to capture exceptions and alert our clients. Our clients then respond to these exceptions and the teams can go back and forth and the entire communication thread is available online. Finally, we have Recopedia, a complex repository of every single county recording rule and guideline that our internal team uses extensively for training and reference.

Key Features: