EDC-Solutions Delivery Framework


Enterprises that want to achieve a quick and dramatic impact on the total cost of ownership (TCO) of their IT Services portfolio often opt for a collaborated Development Center (CDC), which is an extension of their own IT Services capabilities.

Indecomm's proprietary Extended Development Center/Solutions Delivery Framework helps build a distributed delivery capacity with a variety of features and benefits:

The EDC is built upon the principles of:



Governance& Reporting

Project Body Content Owner/ Chairperson Membership Meeting frequency
Steering Committee Strategic status review, cost, contract, KPI performance, key issues
Review of work orders, portfolio, and capacity planning
Client executive sponsor prepared/ presented by EDC head Client executive management
EDC executive management
Setup phase: Weekly
Operate phase: Monthly/Quarterly
EDC Management Committee Service level and productivity metrics monitoring/control Reporting control
Assess SOW's portfolio and forecasting demand to EDC (capacity planning)
Follow-up of Support Functions
Program Manager Client director -Governance Mgr
--Dev Divisional entry points and support functions
EDC champion
EDC Head
--PMO reporting
--Div senior managers and support functions
Setup phase: Weekly
Operate phase: Biweekly
Project Status Review Follow-up progress of the divisional work (projects, parts of projects, product support activity)
Identify risks, issues and potential schedule changes to be submitted to divisional program
Status review meeting
Program Manager Client senior manager
--Team leads
--Developers as needed
EDC Divisional Senior Manager
--Team leads
--Developers as needed