14 years

3500+ employees

27 locations

300+ global clients

About Indecomm

Indecomm Global Services is a leading provider of Digital Engineering & Engagement services including Digital Learning & Content services. Indecomm’s singular focus is in providing hi-tech, differentiated services in Next-Generation software engineering solutions in areas such as Big Data, Analytics, Machine Learning, IoT, Embedded, Mobile, Cloud, UI/UX, & Test Automation. Indecomm is also one of the fastest growing business process as a service (BPaaS) and software as a service (SaaS) technology providers for the US mortgage industry.



Digital Engineering and Engagement

Indecomm Global Services is a leading Digital Engineering and Engagement Services company headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. We are a Next-Gen software engineering services company and have set up strategic partnerships with 8 out of 10 global technology leaders to execute on their long-term product strategy.



The mortgage industry is in a fast-paced and complex new environment. We need to change the focus past survival to business achievement. This rocky, sometimes risky landscape is the foundation on which we will help build the mortgage companies of tomorrow. Businesses need more systems, and the human capital to deploy them. They need a partner who can help handle the regulatory pressures.


Digital Learning

For over a decade, we have partnered with enterprises, governments, and institutions across the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, and Australia to design and deploy learning solutions for their employees, clients, partners, and the communities they serve. Through our solutions, we strive to enhance the performance of individuals and their organizations.


Naresh Ponnapa

Group CEO and Managing Director

As the Group CEO and Managing Director, Naresh leads a team of highly accomplished fellow professional entrepreneurs. The Executive Team has worked as one seamless unit for over a decade overcoming and converting difficult business cycles to build two formidable and distinctive...

Venu Raghavan

CEO, Technology Services

Venu leads the Digital Engineering and Engagement (DEE) business at Indecomm. He is primarily responsible for creating this exceptional business from scratch within Indecomm. The business is now firmly established and well-recognized as a Next-Generation software engineering services...

Rajan Nair

CEO, Financial Services

Rajan leads the Mortgage Services business, a leading provider of business process as a service (BPaaS), software as a service (SaaS) technology, and learning products for the US mortgage industry. Indecomm has a proven track record of over 25 years in the mortgage industry, working...

Balaji Venkatachalam

Group CFO and Head of Strategy

Balaji brings 31 years of experience in the areas of Finance, Operations, Technology, and Business Strategy. He is responsible for maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance, risk management and reporting for the Indecomm Group. In addition to his primary ...

"I'm really pleased with the work here, you all have done a great job! "

Rich LaPat, / Executive Director, Product Knowledge, Comcast

AHM is a leading global provider of technology and service solutions designed to manage compliant transfer of value interactions with healthcare professionals for the highly regulated Life Science industry. AHM continues to invest in providing leading technology and service solutions. One of the products of this ongoing investment and pursuit of service excellence has culminated in the launch of CentrisDirectTM on the Salesforce1 Platform. With the excitement of the launch and the rapid adoption in the market, we needed a partner who could help us in providing the implementation and onboarding services to our clients. My team and I selected Indecomm to play a critical ...

Karen Villarreal / SVP, Product Delivery, AHM

After a long search for a nearshore partner we chose Indecomm Global’s Costa Rica facility. They were able to scale productive teams for core development, as well as onboarding and support. The teams have become integral to our development process and provide insight that goes beyond just programming services. We have also added a QA team and have been able to leverage Indecomm's strength in UI/UX to help redesign ...

Sunil Padiyar / Chief Technology Officer, FacilitySource

Nexera’s relationship with Indecomm and the team there has helped me launch and grow my start-up mortgage bank in an extremely efficient manner. They have helped us with all aspects of the mortgage manufacturing process, including training. Indecomm has also worked side by side with my team to help customize our work-flow to fit their team onshore and offshore. By doing this, it has allowed Nexera to continue to move more tasks of the business to Indecomm.

Steve Abreu / CEO, Nexera Holding, LLC

“The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine has overall been very impressed with Indecomm. Two areas in particular stand out and differentiate them from others: the quality of their engineers and software development talent, and their willingness and ability to partner with us. In projects of any size, but especially ones as large and complex as ours, issues will come up. Indecomm has been outstanding in how they work with us to address problems together to guarantee a successful project."

Gwen Pechan / Director IT (Health Sciences), University of Pittsburgh

Indecomm supports essential product development and operational areas critical to our business success. They are a reliable, responsive and proactive partner of Lavante helping us achieve key product and services milestones in a timely manner and at an effective cost.

Vinay Ambekar / SVP, Engineering & SaaS Services, Lavante Inc.

From our initial planning sessions through detailed testing and implementation of Indecomm’s external auditing, the Indecomm team has demonstrated an unprecedented service level and attention to detail. My internal QC collaborators and I are thrilled with Indecomm’s professionalism and ‘can-do’ culture.

Cathy Davidson / COO, Gold Star Mortgage

“Indecomm has been an excellent strategic product development partner to Confluence. Within the first year of our relationship, Confluence has been able to reduce our cost of software development by 20%, while also decreasing defect injections by 50%."

Skip Smith / Chief Operating Officer, Confluence

“Selecting Indecomm in 2011 as a key partner for offshoring was for a great decision for Ingenico. We were confident in their ability to understand our needs and to support our growth in software development. They have built a true Enterprise Partnership that continually adds value to our software development initiatives. We have been very impressed not only by the top notch talent they have hired in a short period of time, but also a mature process that has been put in place, excellent retention of staff, and a mature governance model. We are fully satisfied by the professionalism and executive commitment of Indecomm, and are looking forward to tackling new challenges together."

David Mousty / Vice President Software & Technology, Ingenico

NexBank aggregates mortgages through bulk acquisition, correspondent and wholesale lending channels. We also provide warehouse lending services. Indecomm allows us to quickly respond in this highly evolving industry. Their technology helps us streamline our workflow and effectively manage increasing loan volume. Improved outsourcing capabilities have allowed us to achieve greater quality-controls, increased efficiency and lower costs. With Indecomm, we can focus on what matters most – serving our clients and expanding our business.

Brian Ralston / SVP, Mortgage Banking, NexBank

“Because of the leadership, innovation, collaboration, and discipline by Indecomm teams working with us, we are pushing the envelope of automation to make Blackboard products better. You have created a strong automation framework that continues to be robust, feature rich, and highly extensible. While it is a stable product and is critical to our collective success. Indecomm continues to push the capabilities of the product, working on new groundbreaking features that we value a lot. You should all be feeling good about automation and the work that Indecomm has done. I know I am. It is the vision realized – now we perfect it."

Steve Moffett / VP Product Quality, Blackboard Learn